New ad sings Santorum's praises

Last modified: 12/29/2011 12:00:00 AM
Rick Santorum hopes a radio ad, which began airing yesterday in Iowa, will convince voters to abandon conservatives like Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry and support him instead.

The ad cites three conservative heavyweights who have had kind things to say about Santorum, even if they haven't endorsed him.

Sarah Palin, the narrator says, 'praised Santorum for protecting the sanctity of life.'

Mike Huckabee - who won the Iowa Caucus four years ago - 'said he loves Santorum's conviction.'

And, according to the narrator, Rush Limbaugh 'said it would be great if Rick Santorum became president.'

The ad describes Santorum as the one consistent conservative in the seven-person field, adding that he wrote the law ending partial birth abortion and led the fight to reform welfare, leading millions back to the job market.

After Tuesday's Iowa vote, you may not have Santorum to kick around any more.

'If I finish dead last,' he told a radio station, 'I'm going to pack up and go home.'

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