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'No Democrats, no Republicans'

Last modified: 12/3/2011 12:00:00 AM
The predictable has happened. The Republicans have climbed aboard the Donkeys' train of higher taxes, conceding to the new 'inescapable reality' that the national debt they have amassed is so huge that it must in part be addressed through taking more money from the voters. The Elephants' promise of no tax increases was indeed rhetorical.

Voters have simple means to effect a real (and peaceful) revolution. For as many election cycles as it takes, vote not for a Democrat or a Republican but for an independent.

The Establishment's position becomes the same no matter which side of the aisle they get elected from: to work as comrades behind closed doors to first feather their own nests and then publicly pretend they care about our nation. No Establishment candidate is a good candidate. Any vote for a Democrat or Republican is a misplaced confidence. It is clear from our nation's accelerating collapse that we cannot go on the way we are.

Change isn't just desirable but necessary. We must not elect anyone who is a member of the catastrophically failed two-party system.

All you have to do is vote for an alternative to the same old party members. Some will say you are throwing away your vote, but if you vote for members of the parties you are doing worse; just continuing to endorse our well-advanced demise as orchestrated and overseen by the entrenched system.




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