Unfair to Deering

Last modified: 1/14/2012 12:00:00 AM
Any way you look at it, Hillsboro and Deering are sister towns. Through the Hillsboro-Deering school system, our kids play and learn together. We buy our gas, groceries and takeout from the same businesses, we drive the same roads, and we read the same local paper - we are socially connected.

It seems logical that our representatives in Concord should represent both towns, but that's not the redistricting plan proposed by House Republicans. For the upcoming decade, the plan allocates three representatives for Deering and Weare to share, plus a floterial district with Goffstown.

Deering residents are silenced under this Republican plan, politically linked to a town whose population is four times larger, and to which no social connection exists.

The process of redistricting was retained solely by Republicans, and was not shared with Democrats or the public until the final working version was revealed. Only the few who worked on the plan know why Deering and Hillsboro were not paired together, which should have been the logical starting point.

Because of the state and federal laws ignored, this Republican redistricting plan will surely go to the courts, wasting taxpayer money the party claims to cherish.

A redistricting process where adults exchange ideas and reach compromises best suited to the reality of each town's social connections, by obtaining input from all possible sources, while fulfilling state and federal requirements - without a court order - isn't too much to ask from our elected representatives.



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