From the fringe: Bob Ely

Last modified: Thursday, January 05, 2012
BOB ELY is a jerk.

That's according to Ely, a Democratic presidential candidate whose name will appear on Tuesday's primary ballot.

He's sent several mailers to Concord homes in recent weeks, asking voters, 'Are you pissed-off enough to vote for a jerk?' and directing them to his website, workmorekeepless.com.

On that website, he promises to raise taxes, cut the defense budget and other spending, put up trade tariffs and reduce unemployment by having the government subsidize wages for companies and others who hire workers.

Ely, of Lake Forest, Ill., isn't accepting donations.

'At least not yet,' he writes on his website.

He also writes that he may be available for media interviews, and answers the question, 'Why do I seem like such a jerk?' with 'Because I am angry, scared and fed up with what passes for political discourse and leadership in this country.'