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Last modified: 4/19/2012 12:00:00 AM
While you're waiting for Massachusetts to open its first casino, you can always gamble online! There are nine states that outlaw online gambling, but somehow our moralistic lawmakers have placed online gambling as one of the acceptable ways to lose your money. You know, like the lottery.

The federal government under President George W. Bush enacted a nebulous law, HR 4411. It does not preclude U.S. citizens from gambling online. It does restrict financial institutions from funding online gambling activity. This law scared some online casinos away - unfortunately some of the better ones! But there remain many online casinos that are happy to accept greenbacks!

I know a guy who gambles online. (Not me!) He tells me that it's fun and if played with moderation and intelligence you can actually win! In fact, he's expecting some dough in the mail today.

Two hints he passed on to me:

1. Research. Look for online casinos that have the highest payouts and real player endorsements. Also look for casinos that have realistic withdrawal methods.

2. His years of experience have indicated that new users tend to have better odds and initially win. (He feels that this ploy is used to suck you in!) So, use this and move to another casino when you feel the newness has worn off.

Well, good luck! I'll see you later in Massachusetts.



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