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Newfound Lake is under turbine attack

Last modified: 11/27/2012 10:26:45 AM
I’m one of thousands of residents who oppose industrial wind power development on Newfound Lake.

I’m not some “green” environmentalist who wants to stop all commercial development in New Hampshire. I do consider myself a conservationist and choose to live in rural New Hampshire for its diverse offering of outdoor recreational opportunities and for the rural small-town way of life – both of which are being threatened by industrial wind-power development.

The electricity from this project is destined to go to a utility company in Massachusetts. There will be no benefit to the majority of New Hampshire residents other than some taxes and other benefits to the towns of Danbury, Alexandria and Grafton. New Hampshire’s electric rates will not be lowered; in fact, they will rise.

The major reason for the increase in New Hampshire’s electric costs is to finance improving and enlarging the grid system to accommodate the surge in electric power from wind turbines when actually functioning. They will not replace existing power plants, which are necessary as backup when there is insufficient wind.

Wind farms are not economically competitive with other forms of energy production, particularly natural gas. They could not survive without the extensive assistance from the federal government consisting of cash grants, the productive tax credit and the renewable energy credit, all of which are ultimately provided by the U.S. taxpayer.

In addition to destroying the aesthetic value of our mountains and Lakes Region, wind projects such as that proposed for the Wild Meadows Wind Power Project will have a negative effect on our tourist industry (who wants to look at these monstrosities?) and property values for those in their environs.

We in New Hampshire will pay the price of having our scenic mountains covered in wind turbines while most of the profits go to an out-of-state developer and its investors.

If you agree that New Hampshire’s Lakes Region should be preserved, send a letter to your legislator today. There are already three industrial wind farms in operation now with another three under development in New Hampshire. Our state does not need another one.

Newfound Lake is unique to New Hampshire, and we should be doing everything within reason to preserve its natural beauty.

(Ray Cunningham lives in Bridgewater.)


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