Letter: How to fix the LGC

Last modified: 2/20/2013 10:17:05 AM
Re “At the LGC, bigger change is needed” (Monitor editorial, Feb. 18):

The idea that municipalities should look for volunteers to fill board positions for the Local Government Center and their related trusts is not the answer. The LGC board has always been composed of municipal representatives. Yet even when town managers and officers have occupied board positions, there is evidence that they have put the well being of the LGC ahead of that of their communities.

Here’s some of what I think needs to change. First, state laws governing risk management pools need to be clear and precise. The oversight agency (in this case the secretary of state’s office) needs to have clear guidance to be able to set rules and procedures that must be followed and can be enforced. And, most important, there needs to be a change of culture at the LGC. For far too long the LGC has felt that it was the tail wagging the dog. It needs to realize that it must follow the same rules as the two other managed risk pools in our state.

Finally, rather then having municipal representatives on the board, a board of overseers should be constituted to ensure the LGC is fulfilling its purpose as stated in RSA 5-B.



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