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Letter: Future generations will laugh at us

Last modified: 3/6/2013 4:07:13 PM
Future generations will ask us why we destroyed New Hampshire’s mountaintops. They will be more educated than us on the topic of green energy. They will see through the political scam and corruption of taxpayer dollars being tied to wind farm projects. They will even pay to remove them.

Future generations will know why banks didn’t finance them. They will realize the math never truly worked as promised. They will come to realize it’s an industrial mountaintop deforestation scam that produces nothing more than false hope on sustainable electricity.

It’s being driven by dollars and cents, not ecological green sense.

Our children will break down every part of this wind farm scam from the “farm” label to the promised numbers associated with the production of electricity. The word “farm” suggests a positive relationship with the land, and wind data numbers won’t lie when they are studying them.

Future generations will laugh at us – as we pretend to be green. They will look back on us as fools. They will see that government wanted to marry the energy market for revenue purposes. It’s not hard to figure out why the government is attaching itself to our monthly bills in a bigger way.

Look at your monthly bills now. Look at the taxes you pay on your cell phone bill, cable bill, home phone bill, internet bill, heating bill, etc. Now your electrical bill will increase.

Your taxes are going up.




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