Letter: Raise the gas tax or hurt local businesses

Last modified: 3/6/2013 4:07:12 PM
I suggest to Sen. Chuck Morse and other lawmakers that we must raise the gas tax because to do otherwise will hurt business in the state.

When I see delivery trucks struggling to travel on many of our secondary highways, especially at this time of year, I’m sure there must be considerable lost time and vehicle damage. When I know my neighbors have no choice but to travel roads that are all busted up because of frost heaves, I know that there is much greater wear and tear on their vehicles.

I understand that Morse lives in the Salem area. The roads there might be in better than average condition, but up here in the Lakes Region and farther north, small business owners are suffering from lack of road maintenance on state secondary highways. The worst is that, in many cases, because of a shortage of money, there is no plan to improve these roads for the next 10, possibly 20 years! Pretty soon some will be down to dirt!

Businesses need good roads to be successful. Where is the support for much-needed repairs of roads and bridges? What are our elected officials waiting for? Frost heaves, drainage problems, cracks and poor surfaces do not go away on their own – they only get worse!

Take a trip up north, Sen. Morse, and see what we have to travel on. Bring your friends too. Remember to drive something with good springs – you’ll need it!



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