Hot Topic: After gun vote, all eyes on Ayotte

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In the wake of Wednesday’s gun-control votes in the U.S. Senate, the Monitor has been deluged with letters. Here’s a sampling of local opinion:

Out of touch

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: You are out of touch with your constituents. On April 17 you voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks on people purchasing guns. Ninety-one percent of New Hampshire residents in a recent poll disagree with you. So, the question becomes, who do you really represent: the National Rifle Association or the state of New Hampshire? Your vote on Wednesday told us your answer. You have lost my vote come time for your re-election.



Grow up, Mr. President

I would like to thank Sen. Kelly Ayotte for taking the brave stance in protecting the civil rights of law-abiding gun owners and the Constitution of the United States.

My fellow gun owners became energized over the president’s dragging the grieving parents out in front of the TV cameras day after day. And when the Republicans stood up to him, he had a temper tantrum on national TV just because he didn’t get his way. It’s time to grow up, Mr. President.



How many more?

On Wednesday Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted to defeat legislation that would have required criminal and mental health background checks for online and private gun sales. I would like to ask the senator how many more innocent people need to die before she is willing to consider taking even modest steps to make our country safer?




Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s votes on Wednesday against common-sense gun safety measures supported by up to 90 percent of the American public were despicable and craven. But somehow not surprising.

Ayotte and her colleagues have qualified themselves as enablers of the next deranged young man who commits a mass shooting with a semi-automatic military-style rifle with a conveniently large magazine.

Or the next homicide using a gun bought on-line with no background check.

Is there a thought process going on here? Or is this just voting by ideological reflex?

What’s next? A medal for Adam Lanza?



An NRA puppet

I did not vote for Kelly Ayotte when she was running for the U.S. Senate, but I thought she did a good job as state attorney general. And I thought her opponent, Paul Hodes, whom I had supported, did not run a very effective campaign.

So I expected Sen. Ayotte to follow in the moderate Republican tradition of, let’s say, former senator Warren Rudman and former congressman Charlie Bass.

Ayotte’s vote against stronger gun registration controls, supported in the polls by 90 percent of the American public, shows that she’s not a moderate, just a puppet with strings attached to the NRA. Shame on her.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit I’m the vice chairman of the New London Democratic Committee. In the spirit of even fuller disclosure, I’ll note that our committee (yes, the Democrats) is sponsoring an appearance here in New London (April 24, 7 p.m., at Tracy Memorial Library) by our current state senator, Bob Odell, a (horrors!) Republican. Some of us still believe in bipartisanship, but Ayotte seems not to understand the concept.


New London

Ashamed of Ayotte

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: When you chose to vote so independently opposite of the 90 percent of people in the United States – not just New Hampshire – you did not represent women, you did not represent children, you did not represent the law or the police, you did not represent hunters or even many NRA members. You did not even represent yourself; you represented 10 percent of the people, gun manufacturers and the NRA for their money.

New Hampshire is ashamed of you!




Reading Thursday’s front-page story, “Ayotte helps kill guns bill,” made me disgusted not only with her spineless vote but especially with the spineless U.S. Congress. Are they not supposed to represent the will of the American people?

The Senate rejected a basic, common-sense background check law for gun sales despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans and 91 percent of New Hampshire adults support it. Even 74 percent of NRA members support it!

This vote was based on pure political pressure from special interest groups like the NRA. Congress has been a failure. We need to take our country back from the fat cat lobbyists who run our country.

Until we take the money out of politics, it will be business as usual. Disgusting!



She lost my vote

Shame on you, Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire coward who proved you have has no business trying to make a career as a U.S. senator.

I thought you were tough on crime, but apparently only if it suits your personal goals. Eighty-six percent of New Hampshire residents wanted you to listen to us. Instead, Sen. Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are your new best friends, at least until they run a Republican primary candidate against you.

Did you really think New Hampshire residents would abandon you if you went against the big bosses? I wrote you many times, and you never replied in anything but a form letter, sometimes on the wrong topic. I called your office, and you screened your calls and used a message machine that was full. You insult our intelligence. Do you think we are all too busy to see the bigger picture? Some of us know exactly what is going on and feel powerless.

You’ve lost my vote, and I pray others see through you too. By the way, you and I know this has nothing to do with the Constitution, so spare me. I have nothing against the Second Amendment.

I am not a Democrat, but I am proud of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. She needs our support in her next election!



Perpetuating danger

The gun control bill put before the U.S. Senate was a minimalist bill, but Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted against it anyway! To my mind, she has behaved appallingly. How shall I apologize to our children? She has misrepresented me in a manner that perpetrates a dangerous and violent environment in our society. I am ashamed of her action.



Bring Ayotte home

Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted against the gun legislation – such a disappointment. She appeared for a moment as though she was going to actually consider taking a step away from her party, but no.

Voting against the filibuster gained her national attention. But voting against the bill was consistent with the party, which is very important to Ayotte. A vote to support responsible gun ownership would not have violated a gun owner’s rights or the Second Amendment to the Constitution. That is propaganda of the National Rifle Association, gun manufacturers and all those frightened people who are ready for the president to take away their guns.

She was not at risk of losing votes; as a matter of fact she might have gained some future support for having the strength to be an independent, reasonable voice.

When I evaluate Ayotte, I see a woman who is mostly doing her best to make a name for herself – not working primarily for New Hampshire, but working for Kelly. I see a woman eagerly climbing a ladder who will do what she needs to do to put herself in a position beyond little New Hampshire.

I’m not opposed to ambition; I’m just tired of self-serving politicians. Don’t expect Ayotte to ever do anything that could be questioned by, or contrary to, the GOP; it could jeopardize her future goals.

My wish is for former governor John Lynch to give Washington a try. His service to the state and name recognition is just what is needed to bring Ayotte home.



Astonishing vote

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: You should be ashamed for choosing to represent the radical wing of the NRA rather than the moderate populace of the state that elected you.

In voting against the Manchin-Toomey compromise for universal background checks, you turned your back on the overwhelming majority of New Hampshire residents. With more than 90 percent in favor of universal background checks, there is no partisanship among the people who live here. The only partisanship exists in Washington and is fomented by the NRA. And even within the NRA, the majority of members support universal background checks.

Your decision to side with NRA extremists and against the people of New Hampshire is astonishing in its brazen disregard for those who voted for you. You need to correct yourself on this issue, or we will find someone better suited to representing us (your constituency) to take your place.



What about rights to life and liberty?

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has sided with the gun manufacturers’ lobby by voting “nay” for reasonable and sensible firearm background checks. She shows a lack of understanding and no compassion whatsoever for the victims in Newtown, Conn., and the 30-plus murders that occur in the United States every day.

She’ll claim Second Amendment rights as her justification but ignore the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all, especially for the 20 children in Newtown who lost their rights to live a life to their fullest.

How can background checks for sales at gun shows and on the internet infringe on Second Amendment rights? So criminals and unstable individuals can continue to get around background checks by purchasing firearms at gun shows and over the internet. The next Newtown, the next Aurora, the next Columbine, the next Virginia Tech falls on Ayotte’s shoulders as well on her colleagues in the Senate who voted Nay along with her. Shame on you.



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