Letter: Chicken barn not humane

Last modified: 6/19/2013 10:57:07 AM
Regarding the editorial “20,000 chickens will be an asset for Dunbarton,” (Monitor, June 10), I respectfully disagree. A 600-foot-long building holding 20,000 birds is a factory farm, and residents are right to oppose it.

The fact that “little human labor is needed” means that the birds will not get proper care, locked inside an automated building as if they themselves were mere extensions of the machinery, which they are not.

The situation is not “humane.” It will not “permit chickens to act like chickens.” A square foot or square foot and a half of living space for each bird is standard in these types of operations. Such packing does not does not permit “roaming.” The cruelest industrial farming conditions and practices have become the standard by which “humane” treatment of chickens and other farmed animals is now being measured. The rhetoric and the reality are disconnected. Chickens are creatures of the earth whose earthrights should be respected – and restored. They are whole beings, not just “egg-layers.”


Machipongo, Va.

(Karen E. Davis is president of United Poultry Concerns.)

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