Letter: North Country needs jobs

Last modified: Friday, August 23, 2013
Last week I went to a meeting with about 40 other local businesspeople from Colebrook, Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Clarksville and other area towns with officials from Northern Pass. There was a lot of information shared. We asked questions about the project and local jobs. There were questions asked that they didn’t have answers to, and Northern Pass committed to getting back to us with information. It was a calm, informative discussion.

Contrary to what we have been told about Northern Pass, I found the people representing Northern Pass to be honest, factual and forthcoming with information. I look forward to this discussion continuing and getting more information about the project.

As a businessperson, I see the need for work in northern New Hampshire every day. Many of our neighbors are struggling, and jobs are scarce. We need the infusion of money into our economy that Northern Pass will bring. Unfortunately, many elected officials representing us seem to have lost sight of this fact.

It’s time we move beyond the one-sided misinformation put out by a small group of local people who will never support this project regardless of the changes made, the tree huggers, and the large corporate generator companies, who seek financial gain by stopping the project. It’s time for local leaders to seek the facts and put the time and effort into fully understanding this project, the impacts and benefits as it relates to our communities.

Our elected officials need to act in the interest of all citizens of the community, not just a few loud citizens. They need to have an honest and factual discussion with Northern Pass to see if the towns and project can come to an agreement that benefits everyone.