My Turn: From the ‘Monitor,’ prejudice, divisiveness, ignorance

Last modified: 8/8/2013 12:36:20 AM
Re “From O’Brien, a despicable argument” (Monitor editorial, Aug. 5):

It is really no wonder the Concord Monitor, the Nashua Telegraph, and other voices of the Doctrinaire Left are so angry that I brought up the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 during a speech on Obamacare in Concord.

Those on the Left are always embarrassed and compromised by any mention of slavery. Indeed, they should be uncomfortable because the same philosophy that excused slavery underlies their current politics. In fact, those foundational ideals have easily led them to Obamacare’s individual mandate, which, for the first time in American history, orders people to engage in private commerce to support a federal government program.

Pre-Civil War, racist U.S. Sen. John C. Calhoun was a principal apologist for slavery in America. As a recent article by Jarrett Stepman and Inez Feltscher explains, “three of the core ideas Calhoun’s pro-slavery school embraced continue to resonate on the left (and) . . . (e)ach of these principles is echoed in the policy and philosophy of the modern left.”

Those core and continuing principles are, in summary, a rejection, in order to promote such racist policies as slavery, segregation and affirmative action, of the natural rights of men and the concept that all men are equal, and a belief, necessary to economically justify first slavery and now permanent welfare such as Obamacare, that dependency is a positive when contrasted with uncaring capitalism.

The liberals populating the editorial boards of these newspapers ought to spend some time reviewing and understanding history before their editorials again spin forth with the personal attacks that have both come to characterize the Left these days and so polluted our politics.

They can start by reading the article that explains how historically confused they are (

They can continue by answering some specific questions relevant to their free-wheeling attacks on me: What taxes would they have increased in order to spend more money than was available when we cut spending in the 2011-13 state budget? And why, if that budget was so awful, have the spending cuts been continued into the 2013-15 budget in order to again avoid raising taxes?

Prejudice, divisiveness and ignorance all have found homes at the editorial boards of these legacy media newspapers.

We don’t have let them come into our homes.

(Republican state Rep. Bill O’Brien of Mont Vernon is the former speaker of the New Hampshire House.)

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