N.H. Democrats accuse GOP of hypocrisy on issue of voter fraud

Last modified: 9/10/2013 4:07:04 PM
The New Hampshire Democratic Party yesterday accused the state GOP of hypocrisy on the issue of voter fraud, citing a report that Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley’s son voted twice in the November 2008 election.

“They’ve been making claims about voter fraud all summer, pointing to totally bogus and nonexistent instances. . . . It’s shameful and it’s a new low in partisan hypocrisy for New Hampshire Republicans,” said party Spokesman Harrell Kirstein.

The GOP accused the Democrats of crossing a line by targeting a politician’s child.

“Voter fraud is a serious problem in New Hampshire that needs to be addressed. Every report of voting irregularities underscores the need to strengthen our laws to ensure the integrity of our elections,” said Matt Slater, executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, in a statement.

“But it is outrageous and disgusting that the New Hampshire Democrat Party would openly target the child of an elected official and use them as fodder for their cheap political attacks.”

The Union Leader reported in yesterday’s edition that Sebastian Bradley voted in person in Colorado in November 2008 and voted in the same election by absentee ballot in Wolfeboro.

His father, Jeb Bradley, was running for the U.S. House that year, seeking to reclaim the 1st District seat he had lost in 2006 to Democrat Carol Shea-Porter. Bradley lost again but later won election to the state Senate, where he’s now the majority leader.

“My son Sebastian was a student in 2008 at Colorado State University in Colorado, and if he did indeed vote in New Hampshire and Colorado in the same election, that would be a mistake,” Bradley said yesterday.

“I’m trying to find out all the circumstances, so I really can’t say too much more at this point.”

Kirstein said the facts seem clear.

“I think it’s pretty clear, from the reporting, that he voted twice in the same election, and that’s illegal and it undermines the integrity of our elections,” he said.

“It’s concerning that somebody so close to Majority Leader Bradley would engage in this kind of illegal behavior.”

The state Republican Party this summer was vocal in condemning alleged voter fraud. In July, Chairwoman Jennifer Horn accused state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, a Democrat, of abetting fraud because several of the campaign staffers staying at her home voted in New Hampshire in 2008 and 2012, then left the state after the election.

A subsequent investigation by Attorney General Joe Foster’s office found no evidence of voter fraud or wrongdoing.

“The New Hampshire Republican Party believes that everybody, regardless of political affiliation, needs to follow New Hampshire voting laws. The New Hampshire Department of Justice must prosecute cases of voter fraud so that our laws do not become meaningless rules that are meant to be broken,” Horn wrote in an op-ed for the Telegraph of Nashua last month.

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