Letter: A bipartisan effort to get big money out of politics

Last modified: 1/30/2014 12:48:01 PM
John F. Martin wants to play tit-for-tat over campaign financing, saying Democrats are as guilty as Republicans (“Liberal hypocrisy,” Monitor letter, Jan. 24). That’s small potatoes, that game. Big potatoes is the bipartisan effort to get big money out of politics.

All the candidates now are drawn into the big-money game, whether Democrats or Republicans. When Republican Sen. Warren Rudman was alive, he helped found Americans for Campaign Reform (about outside money going into elections and swaying votes as payback). ACR is headquartered in Concord. Look it up. Support it.

As I write, it’s the last leg of New Hampshire Rebellion’s walk from the top of the state to the bottom, where we’ll celebrate Granny D, as it would’ve been her 104th birthday. New Hampshire Rebellion is about ending the corrupt system we now witness each election cycle, party-affiliation no claim to innocence.

Big money awaits buying our politicians and their decisions. Let’s end it. Let’s get to the light at the end of the tunnel, a return to representative democracy.

As New Hampshire Rebellion bids, let’s ask every candidate, “How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?”



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