Letter: Corruption

Last modified: 1/23/2014 10:59:03 AM
Re: “Group walks for reform” (Monitor front page, Jan. 21):

Members of the New Hampshire Rebellion call the way we fund elections corrupt because it is. The enormous amount of time members of Congress spend raising money gives big donors outsized influence on national policy. That disgusts and angers a growing number of voters and members of Congress themselves and corrupts the ideal of a Congress dependent on the people alone, one person, one vote.

Rebellion founder Larry Lessig, a Harvard law professor who speaks Friday in Nashua, brilliantly makes the legal case that the system is corrupt. (See his book or speeches and interviews online.) It’s also common sense. How smart is it to make candidates and office-holders – most of whom are talented and ethical, regardless of party – swim in a sewer of special interest-money? If we join Lessig and work hard, we can change this.



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