Former Mass. senator Scott Brown's chances in N.H. for 2016

Last modified: Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Lesperance: Senator, governor, president of the United States. Scott Brown’s name has been associated with a variety of offices. He has yet to declare his intent to run for any of them. Still, we cannot rule out the possibility. Brown’s is a national name. He can raise money and he has been popular with moderates and independent voters, the latter group key to any successful campaign. Voters continue to wonder: Will he or won’t he?

Boynton: Brown needs to first decide whether he wants to run for the Senate. Assuming he does and wins, a presidential campaign a year later would be a bit much. That said, he would have home turf advantage and could win as a “favorite son.”

Scala: Posing as a U. S. Senate candidate is ideal preparation for a pretend run at the presidency.