Letter: More responsible citizens should learn to use guns

Last modified: 4/6/2014 10:57:01 AM
Regarding the death penalty and the Second Amendment:

While I agree that the death penalty should not be applied out of a desire for vengeance, there are people out there who have committed vicious, heinous crimes. Once they cross a certain threshold (which is certainly open to debate), it is incumbent on a society to ensure that that person can never again commit such a crime. (For example, the rape and gruesome murder of a pregnant teenager would qualify). For our government to guarantee this, taking the life of that person is a reasonable option.

As for the Second Amendment: Yes, let’s only allow “peace officers” or the military to have firearms – because we all know that once people join the military or becomes a police officer, they immediately become trans-human saints, incapable of becoming corrupt or oppressive. Why, just look into history! Check out every country that confiscated firearms and see how that turned out for the ordinary person. I rebel at this thinking that deifies police and our military. While I can be convinced that most of them are good people doing their best, to make gods or angels of them is wrong. More responsible citizens should learn how to use firearms for the defense of their families, their lives and their communities. It is your right, after all. And rights are not negotiable.



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