Boston Marathon: Concord woman knits scarves ‘with love’

Last modified: 4/20/2014 12:53:02 AM
Linda Sims of Concord won’t be at the finish line tomorrow in Boston, but she’ll wrap herself around a runner with all the love she’s got.

Sims, a retired nurse, knitted a scarf and mailed it earlier this month, part of an international program to provide 35,000 scarves, one for each finisher, at tomorrow’s Boston Marathon.

She’s a member of a First Congregational Church group that makes prayer shawls for times of worship. A website post asking for knitters, weavers and sewers gave her the idea, so she recruited several people, three from her church, four from the Havenwood-Heritage Heights retirement home, and the package was mailed April 5.

“As the story unfolded last year and I realized how many people had been injured and maimed for life, as a nurse I wanted to be there and I wanted to help, and that was not possible,” Sims said. “When I saw this website this year, it occurred to me that this was a way I could help.”

She had to follow guidelines, such as using the official blue and yellow colors to make a scarf 60 inches long by 7 inches wide, requirements that will bring thousands together as one, showing unity and strength and purpose.

Sims had read a post on the site from a Muslim woman. “She hoped no one would hate her,” Sims said, “but she wanted to show that she cared and she loves and not all Muslims are like this, so she knitted a scarf.”

Sims was a bit out of practice, saying she hadn’t knitted in “about 100 years.” But she found her old knitting needles down in the basement, in a Tupperware container, beneath some crates.

She had two weeks to finish.

“I’m one molecule out of 35,000 toward this whole thing,” Sims said. “I’ll be looking for my scarf at the finish line. It’s not anything fabulous, but I did it with love.”

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