Letter: Nation needs carbon tax

Last modified: 6/20/2014 6:51:02 AM
Capital Beat’s discussion of “An energy tax fight” (Monitor, June 15) emphasized that New Hampshire Republicans hammered Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for voting to require future carbon taxes be revenue neutral. How bizarre!

Perhaps the Republicans didn’t notice that four Republican, former EPA directors wrote an article last year explaining why they support a carbon tax to deal with climate change. These are the most qualified Republicans to comment on climate change policy, and they support carbon taxation.

Why would New Hampshire Republicans dis the counsel of the best Republican authorities by opposing carbon taxes, and why wouldn’t they want to ensure future carbon taxes are revenue neutral? Eventually, Congress will have to respond to climate change.

Does New Hampshire want senators who don’t understand basic economics and therefore don’t understand why carbon taxes are the best solution to climate change? Or do they want senators who understand climate change, carbon taxation and the benefits of revenue neutrality?

Furthermore, Regional Economic Models Inc. just released a study of a revenue-neutral carbon tax that rebates all tax proceeds to households. REMI found a rebated carbon tax would cut emissions, increase jobs by 2.1 million within 10 years, shield consumers from price increases and grow the economy.

Please encourage senate candidates to review REMI’s study. True leaders will explain to constituents why America needs a carbon tax to be paid by fossil fuel companies and rebated to the public. Those who deny climate change, dis carbon taxes or fail to understand revenue neutrality’s economic benefits are not cut out to be leaders.


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