Letter: Embrace hydroelectric power

Last modified: Friday, July 04, 2014
Though a senior at Carroll College in Helena, Mont., I was born and raised in Goffstown and care deeply about New Hampshire.

Our state needs to recognize the benefits of hydroelectric power and support projects that bring clean energy to New Hampshire.

Let Montana serve as an example of the benefits of hydroelectric power. Dams along the Missouri, Madison and other rivers bring enormous amounts of clean energy to the state. This hydroelectric power is essential for Montanans to keep their energy costs down. The Hauser Dam alone provides more than 14,000 homes in Helena with power.

Without this clean energy, Helena residents would face the same unreasonable energy rates as New Hampshire. I understand the concern that the Northern Pass project would scar the state’s North Country, burdening the tourism industry. Having climbed all of the state’s 4,000-footers, I hold the White Mountains close to my heart.

However, I do not fear the Northern Pass Project would disrupt New Hampshire’s natural beauty or hinder tourism. Montana, likewise, depends heavily on tourism. Harnessing hydroelectric power and bringing it to residents of the state has only strengthened Montana’s economy.

Furthermore, the Quebec-to-Massachusetts DC line, built in 1986, passes through Goffstown. This project did not stop my parents or others in nearby towns from starting families.

New Hampshire needs the energy, and hydroelectric power is a proven solution to a growing problem.