Letter: Embrace Northern Pass

Last modified: Sunday, August 10, 2014
Many have realized that there is a serious need for power in New England, but don’t believe it’s New Hampshire’s responsibility to do anything about it.

I disagree.

As young professional working in science and technology, I’ve spent serious time studying energy, the costs and ways to produce it. As someone whose family owns property in Lincoln, I have also taken the time to understand the reality of the Northern Pass project – which proved difficult because of the opposition’s extensive and misleading propaganda campaign.

After gathering the facts, I’ve realized, and you would too, that the Northern Pass project is among the best options for supplying much-needed energy to our region and using inexpensive, renewable and environmentally friendly hydropower energy to the mix.

We currently rely on natural gas for 50 percent of our energy needs. While other energy sources such as wind and solar are “clean,” they both have drawbacks. Wind has low power output, and solar is very costly.

Gas and coal are both fossil fuels with high carbon emissions, and nuclear is often perceived as being unsafe.

Hydro is truly the best solution. It is time that New Hampshire citizens who care about reliable power in our future, stand up in support the 1,200 state jobs, millions in yearly tax revenue, and the clean hydropower supported by the Northern Pass.

Waiting for “better” options to come along is irresponsible because as the need for energy becomes increasingly urgent, the alternatives become more dire, especially for New Hampshire.