Letter: Important projects

Last modified: Sunday, October 05, 2014
On Northern Pass and the Keystone pipeline: Wake up, people!

We need these two projects. Look at the articles that have been in the paper about the utility companies requesting rate increases that will double your electric bills and your heating bills this winter.

What our elected politicians are cramming down our throats, that the Northern Pass should be buried or that the pipeline is a threat to the environment, is pure bunk. Would you rather have a backyard full of windmills that will detract more from the beauty of our state?

Think about this a little. The politicians are doing what the big companies want, not what’s in our best interests. These two projects will create a lot of needed jobs for the people of our state in addition to the extra revenue for the communities that they go through. We need the jobs. We need the power line, and we need the pipeline unrestricted to keep our rates under control.

Limited-income people cannot afford to have their bills double.