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Money Trail: It sure is cold out here

Last modified: 7/14/2015 7:42:31 PM
How do you even pack for a trip in January walking on the side of the road for 10 days over 150 miles?

People in the photos from last year wore crampons. Is that really necessary? These snowboarding goggles are too much, right?

Let me check some weather history for Dixville Notch. Wait. It hit minus 20 degrees last Thursday? With a high of 3?

Maybe this is the best question yet: Why, again, did I volunteer for this?

Cold weather aside, I’m honored to be able to walk with N.H. Rebellion for the next week and half, reporting on an issue that is close to many people’s hearts and isn’t going away.

We live in a country in which, almost no matter the question, we’re practically guaranteed a 50-50 outcome. We’re divided on nearly every important issue.

But, as Harvard professor and activist Lawrence Lessig’s polling found, 96 percent of people agreed it was important to reduce the influence of money on politics. If that makes you hopeful, you might want to skip the rest: 91 percent said nothing about it is ever going to change.

Joe Palin, who walked from Dixville Notch to Nashua last year and returned this year to go from the notch to Concord, said he asked people all along the way: “Are you part of the 4 percent?” Once he explained he was asking whether they were okay with money’s role in politics, everyone said no, they weren’t.

The 20 walkers who set out yesterday from Dixville Notch with eyes on Concord – there were also 15 day-hikers who planned to just go as far as Errol – are part of the 5 percent who believe that change is necessary and possible. They came to the issue from different backgrounds and are open to different ways to solve it, but for now they’re all trying to make sure a presidential hopeful can’t come to New Hampshire without being buffetted by the question: “What are you going to do about the corrupting influence of money in politics?”

They’re lawyers, nurses, physicians, astrophysicists and professors. And, like Doris “Granny D” Haddock, they’re going to walk the streets until something changes.

Over the next few days, the southbounders will be joined by similar groups from all edges of the state, and they’re all headed for Concord.

Join in and walk if you agree with them. Don’t if you don’t. Follow along at the Monitor’s Money Trail blog and using #nhrebellion on Twitter. Find the logistics at But, most of all, wish for a heat wave, will ya?

(Nick Reid can be reached at 369-3325 or or on Twitter @NickBReid.)


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