Letter: NIMBY madness

Last modified: Thursday, February 19, 2015
I’ve been watching the Northern Pass discussion for some time. It boils down to “Not In My Back Yard” arguments versus reality.

The reality is that the regional power pool that we draw from is facing severe pressure by becoming more reliant on natural gas. That reliance is made more problematic by the shutdown of several coal and oil power plants, along with the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, and organized resistance to additional natural gas pipeline capacity. Without large-scale replacement, like a Northern Pass, it becomes not a question of if but when we’ll see sags, brownouts, rolling blackouts and even blackouts. If they occur in the summer, that’s bad enough. Imagine that situation in a winter like we are having now.

The term “precarious operating position” should never be applied to our power grid. I don’t buy the NIMBY arguments. If any of them made any sense, we would have taken down all the transmission lines that already crisscross the state.