Letter: A flawed film review

Last modified: Friday, May 01, 2015
Eversource spokesman Martin Murray recently published a piece critiquing Jerry Monkman’s film The Power of Place. In the piece, Murray states that the film “fails even the most basic test of balance and fairness.”

However, he inexplicably neglects to mention that Monkman invited Northern Pass to participate in the film. Northern Pass representatives “politely declined.” As someone who agreed to be interviewed for the film, I find this ironic in the extreme. So far as I can see, Monkman made every effort to include all points of view.

Lacking the direct interviews Northern Pass refused to provide, Monkman’s film included extensive clips of public statements by Eversource and Northern Pass representatives in support of their project, including Murray. In addition, Murray was invited to participate in a post-screening panel in Portsmouth after the showing there. He declined.

One wonders why he would turn down that opportunity to share his expertise with the public and correct the imbalance he alleges in his piece. The takeaway here: Murray had the chance to be included in both the production and the public discussion of The Power of Place. He chose not to do either. That’s not Monkman’s fault.


Sugar Hill