Carson, Forrester endorse Fiorina’s campaign

Last modified: Friday, June 26, 2015
Two Republican state senators have voiced support for Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and one of the many GOP candidates for president.

State Sens. Sharon Carson of Londonderry and Jeanie Forrester of Meredith announced their endorsement in a press release from Fiorina’s campaign Thursday.

“Carly’s positive vision for unlocking the potential of our nation is appealing to me and so many others who have met her here on the campaign trail,” Carson said in the release. “She is talking about what we can do as a nation, not dwelling on what we can’t. It is time for an uplifting, real-world leader with the executive experience to tackle our challenges. That’s Carly Fiorina.”

Forrester called the candidate “a Washington outsider.”

“Her life experiences come from the private sector, not government,” Forrester said in the press release. “Like me, Carly has a business, charitable and nonprofit background and it is this background that has prepared her to lead our nation. She has accomplished much, knows what it is like to be held accountable and understands how to work with others to inspire change. I am pleased to be supporting her for president.”

Carson echoed that support.

“Carly will bring a fresh perspective to Washington to roll back crushing regulations, simplify our onerous tax code and finally shrink the size and price tag of our federal government,” Carson said in the release. “And she has specific ideas on how to do it: use zero-based budgeting to legitimize every federal tax dollar spent and cut waste; and leave vacant those federal jobs left by retiring baby boomers. She’s serious about changing Washington for the better and I know she will be successful.”

Kerry Marsh, the New Hampshire state director of Carly for America, said the campaign is very excited to have the senators’ support.

“Senators Carson and Forrester understand, like Carly, that our nation is at a pivotal point,” Marsh said. “Republicans must win the White House in 2016 to stop Washington from crushing our small businesses and holding back the potential of our citizens. Carly’s personal story, her vision and her ability to connect with voters will give Republicans a real shot at winning in 2016 and our nation real hope for positive change.”