Just published: ‘Deception’ and ‘The PeaceSeeker’

Last modified: Sunday, July 05, 2015

Dan Lawton of Belmont recently self-published his first book, Deception. The crime-thriller is set in Topeka, Kan., somewhere Lawton has never been. When officer Billy Lewis’s father, the sheriff, is killed by a group of hitmen, Lewis seeks out revenge, money and the heart of a Cuban immigrant. Lawton is a technical writer at Terex in Newton, Mass., and is working on his second book, Operation Salazar.

The PeaceSeeker

A. T. Eddo released The PeaceSeeker: Inspiring a New Generation, published by Tate Publishing, last week. The world is a chaotic place filled with hate when John Lewis begins his quest to find peace in society and bring a child into the world. He leads the next generation on a path to revolutionize civilization. Eddo, originally from Kent, England, is a candidate for a doctorate in pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Manchester. He speaks at schools and prisons and has founded several organizations to inspire peace.