Letter: We need sensible gun laws

Last modified: 7/13/2015 12:02:01 PM
Many “die-hard” gun owners are so obsessed with their right to own guns that they overlook the right of non-gun owners to having more safety by requiring a permit – conducted by our police – to carry a concealed gun.

You may think you are safe with a concealed gun, but the criminals’ act of surprise is too often deadly, so a concealed firearms permit is for your safety, too. Vermont has the same gun problems that we have. The difference is that Vermont has approximately half our population.

When you are sick, you see a doctor, not a plumber. When your sink leaks, you call the plumber. Why then, when we have too many gun tragedies, shouldn’t we follow the advice of our police, who are in favor of a more inclusive “background check,” before issuing a concealed gun permit?

“Sustainability” for a concealed gun permit can easily be defined by stating what is and isn’t permitted, as our state troopers have done. Every town should have the same “sustainability” definition for background checks for concealed carry gun permits. If you believe we should do more, not less, to prevent the unthinkable gun tragedies, that have been happening, thank Gov. Hassan for vetoing the bill “to remove the licensing requirement for carrying concealed firearms. Non gun owners are just as adamant about not wanting to own a gun, as gun owners are about having guns.

So let’s have sensible laws to protect us all.

Joan Lamson

New London


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