With community support, nonprofit gives child with hemophilia the room of his dreams

Last modified: Saturday, August 29, 2015
When the Peake family arrived at home last Saturday night, the Tilton-Northfield fire department was parked outside their home – but they were not there to fight a fire. Instead, the fire department and other members of the community had come together for the unveiling of Seth Peake’s new bedroom.

Seth, a 10-year-old boy who was diagnosed with hemophilia before he was born, was selected in May to have his bedroom reconstructed by the Corner Kingdom Project. The nonprofit organization is based in New Hampshire and its mission is to renovate rooms of children with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

One symptom of Seth’s hemophilia is chronic bleeding, which can sometimes cause him to be bedridden for hours, even days at a time. To keep his blood clotting normally, Seth needs to receive home protein infusions every other day.

Until last weekend, Seth’s bedroom didn’t have adequate storage for his medical supplies or proper lighting to administer his infusions. Instead, his infusions were done in the family’s living room, down the hall from Seth’s bedroom. This proved a difficult task on the many days when Seth was in too much pain to walk.

When Seth’s family heard about the Corner Kingdom Project’s program, they knew a renovation could make a real difference for him.

After their application was accepted, the family worked with the nonprofit to fundraise. To do that, they held a “Rock Band” tournament at Smitty’s cinema in Tilton and shared Seth’s story online to bring attention to the cause.

Finally, after four months, they were able to collect enough money for the project.

Last Friday, the Corner Kingdom Project sent the Peake family to the Hampton Inn & Suites in Tilton for the night. On Saturday, a crew of volunteers arrived at 9 a.m. and worked for almost 10 hours to complete Seth’s new space.

The 10-year-old described his new room as “epic.” Seth’s room now contains a LEGO-building station, storage for his toys, books and games, and a 42-inch TV and entertainment center. On the bright turquoise walls surrounding his bed are decals of his favorite characters from the Lego movie and handmade imitation Xbox buttons.

The Peake family said the room turned out better than they could ever have imagined. “We’ll be taking turns in there next week while he’s at school,” his mother Cristelee joked.

The room is also equipped with all of Seth’s medical supplies, located in various “pixel inspired” storage units painted to look like cubes from his favorite video game, Minecraft. Seth now has a motorized bed, so that he can elevate during a bleed, and a reclining chair that will allow infusions to be done in his room.

His mother said Seth’s first infusion in his new room went perfectly. In the past, she said it would take up to 45 minutes to complete each of Seth’s infusions. But now, the reclining chair and superior lighting system make it possible for his infusions to be completed in just 15 minutes.

The designs for Seth’s room were created by Corner Kingdom Project Founder and President Tiffany Blessing-Gagnon. “I’m just happy to have in some small way made their lives easier,” she said.

Sponsors of Seth’s new room included RDH Electric, Lowe’s in Tilton, ADF Flooring and the Tilton-Northfield Firefighters Association.