My Turn: O’Malley is new kind of leader the nation needs

Last modified: 11/23/2015 6:47:04 AM
Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to hear Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley speak, have read many of the policy proposals put forward by their respective campaigns, and have watched the (too few) debates that have occurred.

I am grateful that we have three candidates who have set forth substantive ideas on the issues our country faces, and have already accomplished much in their respective realms of public service.

However, as an informed voter, I can only select one of these candidates to support in the upcoming Democratic presidential primary. After great reflection, I choose to support O’Malley for president.

O’Malley has a proven track record based upon his service as mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland. He has worked to assist small businesses with growth and development, he has demonstrated his ability to achieve a budget surplus, and he has outlined detailed strategies to address issues such as the global crisis of climate change, the ever-increasing cost of higher education, the complicated issue of gun control, and the essential need for campaign finance reform.

As mayor of Baltimore, O’Malley presided over a reduction in crime, which helped to draw skilled workers and investment back into the city. As governor of Maryland, he focused on improving public safety, increasing access to health care, raising the state minimum wage, abolishing capital punishment and expanding educational opportunities from pre-K through college.

I also think it is of great importance that O’Malley would bring a new perspective inside the Beltway. While the other candidates have been part of the federal government, and in many instances have been directly involved in setting strategy and policy for the current and past administrations, O’Malley offers new leadership. In considering the challenges we have faced with regard to vital issues such as our domestic economy and threats of terrorism, I believe that our country could benefit from the new leadership that O’Malley offers. If the current approaches have not yielded optimal results, it would behoove us all to re-evaluate with a fresh set of eyes, a new advisory team and a new leader at the helm.

O’Malley is running for the presidency because he has substantive, practical ideas for the betterment of our country, and he has the experience necessary to put those ideas in action. I believe he can lead our nation forward on the key issues of the day, with a fresh perspective and a clean slate.

I, for one, would like to give him that opportunity, and I encourage all of you to give his candidacy serious and thoughtful consideration.

(Paul J. Bauer lives in Newfields.)

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