Letter: Northern Pass has 
northern support

Last modified: Tuesday, December 08, 2015
As a North Country resident, businessman and educator, I want your readers to know that there is actually a good deal of support for Northern Pass in our region.

Unfortunately, many feel uncomfortable showing their favor due to a very vocal minority of non-supporters in the region. I questioned the project early in its inception, but as I learned of the benefits, I became a supporter.

Northern Pass has done an exceptional job listening to the residents of Coos (both for and against the project), and this is evident in their new Forward NH Plan. Northern Pass has agreed to bury 52 additional miles of line in the White Mountain National Forest area and will dedicate 5,000 acres of North Country land for preservation and recreation. It will create 2,600 jobs statewide and has pledged a $7.5 million fund to create and retain jobs specifically in the North Country.

Of special interest to me is Northern Pass’s upgrade to our existing transmission system, called the Coos Loop. The Coos Loop is at capacity and needs a $50 million upgrade. This upgrade is necessary for more diverse economic development beyond tourism. We need to replace the manufacturing jobs lost with the fall of the paper and furniture industries and create more renewable energy projects (biomass, solar, wind, hydro).

These all require an upgraded transmission loop.

Northern Pass has listened. Let’s approve it, create jobs, lower the tax burden and revitalize the economy in the North Country.