Nipple bill killed; bestiality bill amended and passed

Monitor staff
Wednesday, March 02, 2016
A House committee killed an anti-toplessness bill and passed forward an anti-bestiality bill with an amendment Tuesday, a day after they were vetted at public hearings.

The toplessness bill, House Bill 1525, would amend the indecent exposure and lewdness statute by banning women from showing their nipples in public places. Opponents warned that it may tread on constitutional rights – by criminalizing protected speech and discriminating against women – and needlessly require repeat protestors to register as sex offenders.

It was defeated in a vote that was “pretty close to unanimous,” said Rep. John Tholl, the chairman of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

The bestiality bill, House Bill 1547, would explicitly ban sexual abuse of animals, removing New Hampshire from a list of 10 states that doesn’t do so. The bill was amended to correct problematic wording after members of the farming community suggested it be reworked to address unintended consequences, Tholl said.

“The way it was worded, (farmers) could not have done any of the normal animal husbandry things, or it would have prohibited them from doing cross-breading, for example to make a beefalo or a mule,” the chairman said.

The full House will accept or reject the committee’s recommendations.

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