Letter: Fear-mongering over ‘death with dignity’

Published: 2/25/2020 12:01:41 AM

Regarding the “My Turn” headlined “Suicide goes against our values” (Monitor Opinion, Feb. 11): Steven Wade’s column advocating the rejection of physician-assisted suicide (House Bill 1659) is a perfect example of much of the misunderstanding, misinformation and fear-mongering surrounding this particular end-of-life issue.

It repeats almost verbatim the arguments against Oregon’s “death with dignity” law before it was approved some 25 years ago. In the decades since its passage, not one of the social disasters predicted was ever realized.

Also, the author claims HB 1659 is in direct opposition to New Hampshire’s attempt to cope with its high rate of suicide. This specious logic makes about as much sense as claiming that prescribing oxycodone for a patient in acute pain is in opposition to New Hampshire’s opioid crisis.

Regardless, if HB 1659 ever reaches the current governor’s desk, it will most likely be vetoed. So, for the present, the closest rational path to “death with dignity” lies across the border in the state of Vermont.



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