Letter: The bad behavior of Democrats

Published: 8/2/2020 12:01:16 AM

“Taking back my time” was the disgusting and deplorable tactic employed by Democrats during William Barr’s testimony before Congress.

I have never witnessed more immature, disrespectful, contrived, shameful, arrogant, and intellectually dishonest behavior from Congressman Jerrold Nadler and several congresswomen who were not interested in facts, information, or discussion.

They berated Barr when he tried to answer any question. He was told “I am taking back my time” and they refused to let him answer. They were bullies. And they call Trump a bully?

These are people who many of your neighbors look up to as leaders. It begs the question whether intelligent citizens can or will separate the truth from propaganda, spoon fed to the masses by the press, Democrats, and extreme progressives.

Each Democrat on the committee made the false claim that “the majority of demonstrations are peaceful.” Congressman Jim Jordan used his opening statement to show a clip of the real result of demonstrations; something you won’t see on CNN or MSNBC, or in the New York Times, Washington Post or even in the Monitor. That outraged Nadler.

The takeaway here is that a Joe Biden victory in November will empower a tiny minority of radicals and enable fringe sluggards with an agenda. After the hearing Nadler was asked about the looting and rioting in Seattle and he responded: “That is a myth!”

Character matters but Democrats during the hearing lacked decency, honesty, and character. Those who condone their behavior and lend them support should consider themselves no better.



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