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  • You can grease the pan when making lemon squares or use parchment paper to keep the dessert from sticking. AP

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Published: 10/12/2016 8:48:47 AM
When mailing cookies, think bars, shortbread

Q: My nephews are attending college. When they lived close by, they always seemed to enjoy my cookies. Can you suggest some recipes that might hold up well for mailing? They don’t like chocolate, and one can’t eat peanuts, so I’m stumped.

A: Bar cookies are terrific packers and keepers; think about blondies or gingerbread. Oatmeal cookies and shortbread are other good choices. As important as the recipe is the way you pack the cookies: Make sure to keep the crisp ones away from the soft ones, and pack only four to six cookies together in each little packet.

Q: My family adores the Cardamom Crumb Cake in “Baking: From My Home to Yours,” but I haven’t made it since my toddler was diagnosed with a tree nut allergy. Do you have any suggestions for altering the crumbs to omit the walnuts?

A: The crumbs should be fine if you eliminate the nuts and add one more tablespoon of flour.

Q: My recipes for lemon squares or bars call for an ungreased pan. They taste terrific, but they stick to the pan – badly. If I grease the pan, will it cause other problems?

A: You shouldn’t have a problem greasing the pan. You can also make a sling for the bars: Line the pan with parchment paper and leave an overhang on two sides. When the bars are cooled, you can either gently lift them out of the pan with the help of the parchment “handles” or you can cut them in the pan without marring the bottom of your baking dish.

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