A cat story for Christmas

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

N.H. illustrator Karen Busch Holman of Barrington has released a new children’s book just in time for the holidays, A Cat’s Christmas Tale. It is written by Peter Arenstam. 

The cat in the title is based on a cat living at the Dover SPCA who escaped and ran off to Portland, Maine. The SPCA tracked her via microchip and named her Portland in honor of her journey.

In the story, however, the cat leaves the Christmas Dove shop because other characters are ignoring her. 

But, when the residents of the Christmas Dove realized the cat is missing, they set out to find her. 

Holman has also illustrated G is for Granite and 10 other children’s books, the heirloom birth certificate and is the artist behind murals at the N.H. Children’s Museum.

Copies of A Cat’s Christmas Tale will be available for sale at Gibson’s Bookstore and the Christmas Dove.