Letter: After killing of cubs, Fish and Game silent

Published: 11/6/2018 12:01:27 AM

In early October two bear cubs were shot and killed at an apartment complex in Manchester by an unidentified N.H. Fish and Game biologist. The media reported the incident based on accounts obtained from upset residents of the apartment building.

NHFG would perhaps have said nothing about the shooting, but the media contacted them asking questions. There is no official account of what happened to be found anywhere – no police report and a very sparse report provided by NHFG. Because the NHFG is a state agency that works for us and is partly funded by our taxes, we have a right to know: Why was the biologist called to the scene and who called? Why was he wearing nothing to identify himself as a NHFG employee and driving an unmarked vehicle? If he was there to assess the situation, why did he show up with gun in tow? Why, if he was afraid the cubs would enter the road, did he enter the woods from the rear of the parking lot rather than nearer the roadside to put himself between the cubs and the road? Why was he in such a rush to flee the scene with the dead cub, after being told the police were on the way? Was this biologist reprimanded for swearing at the apartment residents and almost running one of them over when he speeded out of the parking lot after killing the cubs? If what he did was appropriate, why has NHFG refused to release his name?

An investigation of the biologist’s unprofessional and dangerous actions should be performed and the results made public.



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