State Rep. races: Belknap County District 4 (Sanbornton, Tilton)

  • Ian Raymond—Ian Raymond

Sanbornton, Tilton (two seats)
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Belknap County District 4


Rich Burke


Ian Raymond

Party: Democrat

Age: 54

Town of residence: Sanbornton

Occupation: Photographer

Incumbent? If so, how many terms: served 1 term, 2013-2014

Do you support commuter rail funding? Yes, as well as efforts to increase economic development in the North Country.

Do you support providing more state money for higher education? Yes. To stimulate economic activity, job growth, and to entice new businesses to move into N.H., we need an educated workforce.

Do you support pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? I support common sense gun safety regulations such as background checks.

Do you support reauthorizing Medicaid expansion? Yes, it provides affordable health care for nearly 50,000 hard working Granite State residents.

Do you support increasing the minimum wage? Yes. Any individual who works 40 hours per week deserves to earn a livable wage.

Do you support marijuana legalization or decriminalization? I support decriminalization, but at this time do not feel that full legalization is in the best interest of the state. I would like to see longer term data from other states that have legalized and study any unintended consequences that legalization may present.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? I strongly support education, the environment, and switching N.H. to a clean energy economy. I have initiated several renewable energy projects in my community that will save taxpayers over $6 million while cutting pollution.

Dennis H. Fields


Timothy P. Lang Sr.