Berlin police chief's daughter faces felony heroin charges

Associated Press
Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The daughter of a New Hampshire police chief has been charged with possessing and selling heroin.

Berlin police Chief Peter Morency told the Conway Daily Sun he is devastated by the news and never saw it coming. His daughter, 31-year-old Christina Morency, was arrested just before Christmas on heroin charges.

The Berlin Police Department received a tip that Christina Morency was involved in drug activity. Police investigated without making the chief aware. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of the felony charge.

“We certainly are devastated, upset, and hurt,” Morency told the Conway Daily Sun. “Like many others, I’m sure, we question, ‘What did we do wrong – why would our child turn to even try such a thing?’ ”

The police chief said he’s grateful that officers worked to protect the integrity of the agency during the investigation by working with state police. He said his daughter has been released from jail and the family is focusing on getting her treatment and help.

Morency said his daughter’s arrest shows that drug addiction crosses all economic and social classes and even hits those in law enforcement.

“We think how lucky we are that the call was an arrest and not a death notification like hundreds of other families have had to deal with,” he told the Sun.