Show furry friends some love

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Monitor staff
Friday, December 01, 2017

How many times have you bought your pet a brand new toy, yet they prefer the box instead? It happens countless times. While boxes are pretty cool, there are a ton of fun toys any animal pal would love more. Here are some gifts for pets and pet lovers that are better than a box.

These cool items were hiding in plain sight all around Concord. There are so many unique items from a couple different stores that are guaranteed to make every pet happy.

If you’re looking for great treats, stop by Agway or Sandy’s Pet Food Center. They both have a big section of rawhides, including turkey neck, feet, and tails, and salmon skins. Prices range from $0.99 to $84.99. For the holidays, Sandy’s has a selection of festively flavored treats in addition to its big selection of homemade dog treats, catnip toys and catnip plants.

For those whose pets get cold in these winter months, visit Sandy’s or Target. Both have a wide selection of cute, warm coats for our furry friends. Prices vary from $10.99 to $60. The coats come in all colors, sizes, and styles.

While physical gifts purposed for your buddies are great, sometimes a live “toy” is better. Birdfeeders attract all sorts of birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Cats will go crazy trying to “catch” the critters coming to visit. Stop by Duncraft, Agway, or Blue Seal to view their selection.

The holidays are for making memories and spending time with your loved ones. To make these and future holidays more special, stop by Sandy’s and pick up a Paw Print Ornament Maker. It is very safe for your pets, very easy to use, and it lasts for years to come.