Letter: Beyond thoughts and prayers

Thursday, November 09, 2017
Beyond thoughtsand prayers

With regard to Sunday’s mass shooting, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the reassurance that all the thoughts and prayers of government officials and community leaders are with those killed or wounded – however heartfelt – is simply not enough.

Of course we want to offer what comfort we can to the victims, but what they also need to hear from our local and national leaders is the reassurance that “our anger is with you that this continues to happen in our country,” “our resolve is with you that we will let this be the mass shooting that finally compels us to take action,” and “our determination is with you that we’ll do whatever we can as a society to reduce the likelihood of such a thing happening again, taking steps to make our education system as good as it can be, to offer help to troubled families, to provide mental health services, and to strengthen our laws to keep guns out of the hands of those who might use them in this way.”

That’s what we all need to hear, and we need to hear it now.