Question of the Week: What is recycling worth to you?

Published: 5/9/2019 12:10:24 AM

RECYCLING USED TO BE an environmental and economic win-win for communities, but now the math has changed. There’s just no money in it. But a lot of us are so trained in our recycling ways that the very idea of tossing a glass or plastic bottle in with the unrecyclable trash is downright repellent. Our question of the week pits your conscience against your pocketbook: Would you be willing to pay a fee, maybe $200 or $300 a year, if it meant your community would continue its recycling program? Email your response by noon on Tuesday, May 14, to Please keep it between 150 and 400 words, and include an address and phone number for verification. We’ll run a selection in next Thursday’s Forum section.

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