Letter: Goodbye, my friends

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Goodbye, my friends

Last week, the capital area lost two of its favorite sons, Bert Whittemore and Chip Rice. I served with them both on the John Winant Memorial Committee, and I know how hard they worked to make that project a reality. They had many things in common – both were very outgoing and gregarious, both graduates of Kimball Union Academy, and they shared a deep love for their community and their state. They each had a personal connection to the late Gov. Winant. Chip, before being elected to the New Hampshire House, had previously been elected to the same state Senate seat once held by Winant. Bert’s father was a personal friend of Gov. Winant’s, and Bert could remember as a child meeting the governor. They have both left us with a remarkable legacy of public service.

I can see Gov. Winant meeting them at the Gates of Heaven. With Chip saying to John Winant, “Governor, did you ever hear the story about . . .” and Bert with that big smile on his face. Thank you my friends.