Letter: An outrageous roadblock on I-89

Published: 9/10/2019 12:01:17 AM

Like hundreds of other Upper Valley motorists, my wife and I were inconvenienced by the Border Patrol action that took place on Interstate 89 southbound this past Thursday. It’s a good thing that our visit to DHMC was not an emergency, or my sense of outrage would have risen to something more than just annoyance.

As it was, the Border Patrol “roadblock,” or inspection stop, or whatever they want to call it, was a simple exercise in governmental interference with the daily activity of American citizens. It was an effort to intimidate people for no good reason other than the intimidation itself. The fact that the young men in uniform stopping traffic on the interstate seemed to think they were doing something important shows how far we have strayed from our core national values. Unless they had some more nefarious purpose (like causing trouble before the Democratic Convention), they were out there on the road just messing with us, their taxpaying employers.

The good news is that this shows how important it is for Congress to pass the Welch-Kuster bill that would roll back the limit for such activities from 100 miles to 25 miles from the border. It’s about time we in New Hampshire remember our state motto, “Live Free or Die,” and stand up against the outrageous actions that halted so many of us who were out and about on I-89 last Thursday.



(The writer is a former Democratic leader of the N.H. House and state senator.)

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