Letter: Give Carlin credit

Published: 2/10/2019 12:01:09 AM

In his Feb. 3 Forum piece, “Is football ‘America’s Game’?” Randall Balmer makes some interesting observations about sports in general and football in particular. I was struck, however, by his paragraph providing examples of how military terminology has seeped into the language of football. That paragraph bears a more-than-passing similarity to the late, great comedian George Carlin’s famous routine “Baseball and Football,” which can be found on the album Carlin on Campus as well as in numerous YouTube video clips. In fact, Balmer’s language is well-nigh identical to Carlin’s – too much so to be a mere coincidence. While I take no issue with Balmer incorporating Carlin’s brilliant observations to make his larger point, I would have expected him – a professor teaching a course titled “Sports, Ethics and Religion” no less – to cite his obvious source.



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