My Turn: I’m ready to work for Senate District 15

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Published: 6/29/2020 6:00:14 AM

It would be an understatement to say that these are uncertain times we’re living in. Here in Concord, and across our state, country, and world, we’re finding ourselves facing an unprecedented global pandemic that has taken far too many lives and has crippled our economy; we’re reckoning with systemic racism, and trying to find a path forward. We’re also approaching an election that will most certainly have a profound impact on our nation.

I’ve been a Concord resident for the past 30 years. As I’ve been talking to my friends and neighbors, I’ve been hearing the same thing: People are anxious and uncertain, wondering what the new normal will be. I don’t think it’s lost on any of us that if we want to see positive change and an effective recovery from the pandemic, we’re going to need some strong experienced leadership in our government.

That’s why I’m running for the New Hampshire Senate.

Experienced leadership matters, now more than ever. I’ve had the honor and privilege of representing Concord on the city council for six terms and in the State House for eight terms. Each time Democrats held the majority in the House, I held a leadership position. Speaker Terie Norelli appointed me the chairperson of the House Public Works and Highways Committee for two terms, and the chairperson of the House Transportation Committee for one term.

More importantly, experienced progressive leadership matters, especially if we want to rebuild an economy that works for all Granite Staters, protects our environment, supports working families, and invests in our communities. I have a proven track record of upholding and defending progressive values. I care deeply about the people here in District 15, in part because I’ve been so deeply connected to this community for so long. I have a first-hand understanding of the problems people are facing, and I want to do what I can to solve those problems.

I’m not interested in playing politics, I’m interested in putting my head down and getting to work. I’m committed to expanding health care to all Granite Staters, to raising the minimum wage and supporting working families, to building a state budget that will protect our social services, to creating a green economy and reducing New Hampshire’s carbon footprint. I’m also committed to protecting and supporting communities of color here in New Hampshire, protecting every Granite Stater’s right to vote, and protecting a woman’s right to choose – for years in the State House, I’ve fought alongside advocates against efforts to erode women’s health care rights and defund women’s health care facilities across New Hampshire. I’m proud to have received the NARAL “Champion for Choice” Award and Planned Parenthood’s “Champion” Award.

Let’s not kid ourselves – there’s a lot of work to be done. I’ll get to work on the issues that matter most to you, and I’ll deliver results from day one. I’ve gotten the job done before. I’ve passed legislation, I’ve wrangled bipartisan support, and I’ve been in the trenches with you for years.

I ask for your vote on Sept. 8.

If you haven’t already, visit my website at for more information on how you can get involved with my campaign. And be sure to for information on voting in the primary during COVID-19. Thank you, and I look forward to your support.

(Candace Bouchard of Concord is a candidate for Senate District 15.)

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