Letter: Time to clean house in Bow

Monday, January 15, 2018
Time to clean house in Bow

Now that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled against the town of Bow, that Bow taxpayers have been told their taxes have been paying to a $1 million-plus (slush?) fund, a fund voters did not approve, that taxes may go up by $3,400 on a $300,000 home, and who knows what else the Bow town manager and selectmen have not admitted to, it is time for Town Manager David Stack and all the Bow selectmen to resign. The town of Bow auditors and the town of Bow attorney should be fired.

Bow Selectman Harry Judd (a utilities lawyer!) has continued to spin every part of this debacle. Clearly Bow taxpayers have not been told the truth, in my opinion, and it time to clean house and elect and hire responsible persons to clean up this mess. Perhaps Judd can add the increase in his property taxes onto his hourly rate. Most of us do not have that luxury. I repeatedly asked during the last year how the town was handling and would handle this disaster. No response of value.

All the circumstances surrounding this expensive mess need to be independently investigated, and if individuals are found to have violated the law then those individuals should be prosecuted. One thing is for sure: This is really going to hurt taxpayers, especially those on fixed incomes.