Bradford: Renovations for town hall approved

  • Harry Wright, a Bradford selectman, locks up the door at the Bradford Town Hall in 2012, after walking through and fixing a window with a broken latch that was blown open by the wind. Bradford voters will be asked, for the fourth year in a row, to approve a plan for town hall restorations. Last year the proposal failed by five votes. Monitor file

Friday, March 17, 2017

In the fifth consecutive year of proposals to update an aging town hall, an overwhelming vote of 132-40 approved renovations to the 18th-century building.

Article 4, which proposed the structural updates, was passed by secret vote after an amendment was added stating, “all contracts will be let through the competitive bidding process and no change orders will be generated without having the signature of a member of the Board of Selectmen.”

The operating budget of about $2 million also was approved by voters.

Article 8, intending to replace the intersection between Route 114 and Route 103, and Article 9 to replace the intersection between Bradford’s Main Street and Route 103 both failed.

Two articles on the warrant were successfully amended before being passed.

Article 12, which would allow the lease purchase of a John Deere tractor and authorize the select board to negotiate the loan, was amended to include the language “passage of this article will have no tax impact in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Town will prepay 2018 and 2019 payments on the lease/purchase agreement from the Highway Expendable Trust Fund in 2017.”

A vote to raise $10,000 to replace the Brown Memorial Library’s furnace was passed after an amendment was approved to raise the whole amount through taxation, instead of $5,000 through taxes and $5,000 from library funds.

All other articles on the warrant were passed as written.

Hannah Sampadian