Letter: The budget fiasco

Thursday, February 08, 2018
The budget fiasco

Who is responsible for the delay in passing the budget? Is it the Republicans or is it the Democrats? Maybe it’s the president?

Who are the losers in these budget shutdowns? The tax-paying public is a major loser, as we have to pay for this. Those who need essential services and can’t receive them are also losers. What about the employees who are furloughed in a shutdown? There is no penalty for our elected officials; they are paid regardless. I’m talking about the service folks who live day to day and need that paycheck. If they miss a day’s pay, that may mean skipping a meal, kids going hungry, rent not getting paid, etc.

Now the answer to who’s the most responsible for the budget impasse: It’s the media. The media has the ability to keep the pressure on those in Washington. They can report on what going on. The media can do daily objective reports so voters know who to target next election. By doing this politicians may realize they are responsible to their constituents. The media needs to dig deep and report what’s really happening, not just provide the news based upon the press releases that our dysfunctional leadership gives them.

To sum it up, by the media keeping the pressure on these politicians; a budget should be easy to pass.